Gasmaster Industries was established in 1995. For over 22 years, our mission has remained consistent. We thrive to provide high efficiency and environmentally friendly products through innovation, research and design, teamwork and above all dedication to customer satisfaction. With our team of highly skilled engineers we commit to quality. We excel at proactively anticipating problems and developing efficient, environmental friendly and durable heating solutions to our clients.

Gasmaster Industries has historically been at the leading edge of condensing boiler technology. We brought the world its first stainless steel condensing 4 Million Btu/hr boiler in 1998. This preeminent position was maintained by the introduction of 8 Million Btu/hr unit in 2004. Our goal is to provide efficient, environmentally responsible heating solutions. With our award winning and internationally patented radial pulsed combustion design, we have successfully accomplished these goals. The pace has been kept up by the introduction of the 12 million Btu/hr unit in 2009. We continue to deliver our superior products worldwide exceeding the expectations of our clients.

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