About Us

Gasmaster Industries

Gasmaster Industries Ltd. was established in 1995. The original mission of our company was simple; Provide high efficiency and environmentally friendly products through innovation, quality, teamwork and above all dedication to customer satisfaction. Our mission has never changed. 


We commit to quality

With our team of highly skilled engineers, we excel at proactively anticipating new requirements and developing efficient, environmentally friendly and durable heating solutions for our clients.


The leading edge of condensing boiler technology

We brought the world its first 4 Million Btu/hr stainless steel condensing boiler in 1998. This preeminent position was maintained by the introduction of the 8 Million Btu/hr unit in 2004. The pace has been kept up by the introduction of the 12 million Btu/hr unit in 2009. In 2012 we introduced the NX Series, which serves between 1,000,000 – 3,000,000 BTU/hr and offers a smaller footprint than the GMI Series with a taller frame. This allows the unit to fit into slimmer doorways and more compact spaces. In 2017 we developed the HC Series, a line of industrial boilers with an even smaller footprint. Capable of being stacked, HC Series units are even more space efficient than NX units.


Product quality matters

When dealing with high pressures and high temperatures, it’s important that the vessel is made with the best steel for the job. There are many types of steel alloys available, but only one that we trust for our products. After careful research and study, we realized the safest and most efficient option was 316l stainless steel, which we use for constructing our products. Another benefit of 316l stainless steel is that it allows our boilers to be potable-water certified.


Our priority

It’s important to us, as well as our customers, that our boilers are made to run as safely and efficiently as possible. To keep our products the highest quality possible, we make sure that our suppliers are the highest quality available. For all controls, safety, and accessory components we only use top world-wide recognized brands.


Environmentally conscious

It’s important to us that our products help our customers become more environmentally friendly. By using the best materials we create products capable of lasting decades. If you are due for a hot water boiler upgrade, use our savings estimate calculator to see how much you can save on your monthly gas bill by switching to a more efficient condensing boiler and water heater.



To this day we continue to deliver our superior products worldwide, exceeding the expectations of our clients across the globe.

Our team is ready and willing to answer any questions you may have.