Alcohol Production


As with any consumable production process, the use of water for sanitization purposes is an extremely important aspect of any alcohol producing business. Fermentation can be easily influenced by unwanted bacteria and mold, leading to illness, bad batches, and lost profits. Another significant cost of producing alcohol is the discharge of effluent wastewater, which can be reduced by onsite pre-treatment. Larger operations may be able to benefit from an anaerobic wastewater treatment facility, which can further reduce fuel costs by collecting biogas to power boilers.

The average brewhouse uses 7L of water to produce 1L of beer. The average winery uses 10L to produce 1L of wine. Gasmaster Industries high efficiency, stainless steel hot water boilers are manufactured from 316/316L stainless steel which exceeds the requirements of the alcohol beverage industry. Use our fuel savings calculator to estimate what your business can save on natural gas costs by switching to a more efficient boiler system.