Anaerobic Digesters

Anaerobic digester buildings for creating biogas

Anaerobic digesters and landfill sites produce biogas. Biogas is primarily methane and also contains much smaller quantities of other gases and contaminants. When the gas is cleaned (filtered) and dried (water removed) is becomes a fuel. It is highly corrosive and most boilers have very short life spans when biogas is used as fuel.

Gasmaster Industries high efficiency, condensing, stainless steel boilers and hot water heaters have been used in this application for some time with excellent results. The grade of stainless steel used, 316/316L, often more than triples the life of the boiler. The specialized gas trains and burner assembles also add to the unit’s longevity. Gasmaster Industries customized products for this market includes multi-fuel capability so that they can operate even if there is a temporary shortage of biogas.