Dairy Cattle

Cows in stalls

Heating water accounts for a full 25% of the energy used on a dairy farm. Washing and sanitizing the milking systems, milking parlors, bulk milk containers, and other equipment is important to keep foodborne illness-causing bacteria out of consumer food products.

During the first wash cycle of cleaning a milking system, it’s important to keep a specific temperature. Too hot and you will see denaturation of proteins in the milk residue, which results in a protein film on the piping surface. Too cold and the fats will crystallize and leave behind a surface grease that is difficult to clean away. Hot water is also used to warm milk for young calves. If water is improperly heated in this step, animals can become sick.


Reducing energy costs for dairies of all sizes can be as simple as moving to a more efficient boiler system. Gasmaster Industries boilers and hot water heaters are capable of supplying your needs economically and efficiently and are available in a wide range of sizes.