Food Processing

Bread and wheat sheaf

There is great dependence in the world on the food processing industry. It is the major step between the grower and the consumer. We rely on the quality of the foods we eat which in turn makes the food processing industry a crucial partner to our welfare. Food processing facilities have to be kept meticulously clean. Whenever any impurity makes its way into the food we eat, it becomes a major disaster. Even the potential for contamination is a very serious cause for concern. Food processing is a user of high volumes of water. Demand ranges from washing raw materials, uses in the preparation of foods and wash down to maintain sanitary conditions in food preparation areas.

Gasmaster Industries high efficiency, stainless steel boilers and hot water heaters are manufactured from stainless steel (316/316L) which exceeds the requirements (304) of the food industry. The water through the boiler does not pick up any contaminants from the heat exchanger. Food processing draws water directly from the supplying utility. The temperature of incoming water is typically about 50F which is ideal for our condensing boilers and hot water heaters. The high efficiency of our boilers and hot water heaters and the rapid temperature rise permits the use of tank-less systems with the volume of hot water being limited only by the capacity of the unit installed.