For industries that deal with live animals, such as poultry farming, keeping the animals comfortable, clean, and healthy is a top priority. Hot water for the heating and sterilization of buildings and farm equipment is one of the most important factors that can impact that priority.

Poultry thermoregulatory systems are easily impacted by cold weather and age, which can lead to health problems if your barn isn’t kept to an optimal temperature. As fuel costs continue to rise it becomes imperative to increase the insulation efficiency of your poultry barns, by either increasing current insulation or heater efficiency. Another solution is to move to a different fuel source, such as biogas.

Sterilization is extremely important as well, both in the barn as well as the broiler facility. Many broilers use natural gas steam production, which is inefficient. By using a hot water heating system with a food-grade quality stainless steel such as 316/316L, you can utilize your hot water to heat the building, for the scalding process, and the clean-up after. Although changing boiler systems can be costly, the expenses saved by raising efficiency and decreasing fuel costs can run justifiably high.

Our units are condensing water-tube boilers, and many have the ability to run at 99.8% efficiency in peak conditions. We have a variety of products available for farms and factories of any shape and size.