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Gasmaster Industries boilers and hot water heaters are manufactured from stainless steel. All water side components are manufactured from 316/316L grade of stainless steel. This is a higher grade than is required for commercial food preparation. All Gasmaster Industries boilers and hot water heaters are listed as being potable; meaning that if you place a Gasmaster boiler or hot water heater in a system which is required to supply potable applications, there is no need for a secondary heat exchanger.

The purity of the water is completely consistent, meaning that the chemical make up of the water supplied is identical to that which is returned from the boiler to the system. Given the heightened awareness of health care organizations to infections and the emergence of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria; all health care facilities are examining their entire structure to remove possible sources of contamination. Gasmaster Industries high efficiency stainless steel boilers and hot water heaters provide a single source which addresses concerns for purity as well as economy of operation.