Oil & Gas

oil well

Boilers are a vital part of any refinery or plant dealing with oil & gas. Boiled water is used for the sterilization and treatment of equipment to prevent corrosion from setting in. Boilers are also used in refinery wastewater treatment to reduce costs associated with sending flow back to municipal treatment facilities.


Fracking uses vast amounts of water, sand, and chemicals to free gas and oil deposits from dense rock. The denser the rock is, the more water pressure is required to release trapped gases. Shale wells use on average 3-6 million gallons of water for hydraulic fracking. Because fracking operations go where the oil & gas is, it may not be advantageous to purchase a boiler long-term for a short-term project. We offer boiler leases for many of our products, as well as custom-built mobile units for whatever and wherever hot water is needed.


Partnering with a variety of companies has lead to us being able to offer boilers that can be powered on more than just natural gas. Other options include propane, #2 oil, biogas, dual gas, and dual fuel. Talk to one of our representatives today and find out how we can help you.