Gasmaster Industries Ltd. manufactures twenty-six models of high efficiency, stainless steel condensing boilers and water heaters. The nominal rating of these models is in the range of 200 – 8000 MBTU/hr (= 58.6 – 2344 kW). The heat exchangers are a series of vertical stainless steel tube coils arranged side by side with a certain distance. The volume contained between the conical sections of the coils defines the combustion chamber of the boiler. Inlet water enters each coil at the perimeter and exits at the centre adjacent to the hub. This configuration allows a counter flow heat exchange process, which contributes additional heat transfer between water and the coils.

Operation of the boilers and water heaters is based on GMI’s patented radial pulsed technology. Also, the turbulence in the water flow contributes additional heat transfer capabilities to the heat exchanger. As a result, the overall thermal efficiency of the product is in the range of 94.0% – 99.8%, depending on the inlet water temperature.

All Gasmaster products have been certified as both water boilers and water heaters. These models have been certified for swimming pools and potable water applications as well. All boilers and water heaters incorporate a unique and patented throttle mechanism. The operator is provided a high precision, digital temperature controller to set the desired hot water temperature. Air and fuel ratio is automated by the throttle mechanism, and water is continuously delivered within ± 1º F of the desired value. This technology almost eliminates the on-off cycles, and therefore improves the service life and efficiency significantly by avoiding cold starts. Moreover, the system provides the owner with an almost infinite modulating capability within the product’s operating range.

Overall, GMI boilers and water heaters are intelligent heating products that are designed to operate with precision while saving on costs. All units are manufactured with care, and are tested with great attention to detail. Owners and operators can place their trust on the units and have the peace of mind they deserve.

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