HC 1500

1,500,000 BTU/hr HC series condensing boiler.

Unique Features

  • Up to 98% thermal efficiency
  • Compact design and smaller footprint
  • 316L stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Thermal shock proof
  • Category II or IV direct venting
  • Easy to install and low maintenance
  • 3:1 Turndown ratio; Also available with 20:1 Turndown ratio
  • Burner options: GMI Mesh, Industrial Combustion, Riello, Webster, Powerflame and others
  • Control options: Siemens LMV37, Honeywell Sola and Autoflame Mini MK8
  • Standard uncontrolled NOx; Available in low NOx configuration (< 9 ppm)
  • Also available in stackable configuration
Input 1,500,000 BTU/hr 440 kW 44.8 bhp
Output 1,425,000 BTU/hr 418 kW 42.5 bhp

10 year prorated warranty on heat exchanger against corrosion of flue gases.

OEM warranty on all other components.

20 year thermal shock warranty on heat exchanger.


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