Patented Technology

Gasmaster Industries manufactures twenty-six models of high efficiency, stainless steel, condensing boilers and water heaters with nominal rating from 200,000 Btu/hr – 12,000,000 Btu/hr
MBH (= 12000 – 3514 kW).

Advantages Over Conventional Boilers

Gasmaster Industries condensing boilers have several advantages over conventional boilers. Below are a few advantages that you can take benefit of by retrofitting your old boiler with a state of the art condensing boiler from Gasmaster Industries.

Energy Efficient

The average efficiency of Gasmaster boilers is 95.6%, which is approximately 15%-30% higher than that of conventional boilers. This results is substantial savings on your utility bills!!

Lower Fuel Bills

Due to the energy efficiency of condensing boilers, they burn much less fuel to provide the same amount of heat as compared to the conventional boilers.This mean considerably lower fuel bills!!


Unlike conventional boilers which are constructed either from cast iron or copper tubing, Gasmaster boilers incorporate ASME approved stainless steel heat exchangers. All other sheet metal components (boiler housing the condensate tray) are also made of stainless steel. The choice of high grade stainless steel increases the useful life of Gasmaster boilers well beyond that of conventional boilers while reducing the energy costs and increasing system efficiency.

Low Return Water Temperature

In most space heating applications, designers are limited by the return water temperature requirement of conventional boilers. In most cases, heating systems are designed to allow for only 20 degree temperature drop, to ensure return water temperature remains above 60 °C (= 140 °F). This is to avoid possible condensation, which will result in almost immediate and permanent damage to the boiler. In contrast, Gasmaster boilers offer the engineers the opportunity to design heating systems for maximum efficiency without the return water temperature being a limiting design factor. Not only does this feature result in significant cost savings (elimination of mixing valves and secondary loops), it also allows for designing highly efficient heating systems.

Environmentally Friendly

Due to the high efficiency of Gasmaster boilers the carbon dioxide emissions are reduced so the total contribution to global warming is also reduced. Because of this they are much more friendly to our environment. The level of NOx content in the exhaust gases can be as low as below 15 ppm. During the past decade, regulatory authorities, both in the US and Canada, have been reducing the allowable level of NOx emissions. At present the allowable level of NOx emissions in most states is around 80-100 ppm. However, several states like California, Texas and other jurisdictions have reduced the allowable levels to 30 ppm.


Gasmaster boilers and water heaters have a very small footprint and provide savings on installation costs when retrofitting boilers. They eliminate the need to dismantle and remove the old conventional boilers.

Minimized Cycling

Gasmaster condensing boilers can regulate the heat input to match the demand of the system. Due to the construction of the heat exchanger, there is no concern about condensation at lower firing rates and this allows the unit to match the load of the system. Fuel consumption is therefore reduced as the boiler does not have to constantly switch on and off.