TS… Series control solutions set a new standard for flexible, cost-effective, Total Boiler Solutions. Ease of installation, configuration, and commissioning are incorporated into reliable, field-proven controls.

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RWF5 Universal Controllers

Siemens RWF55

The RWF50/55 are used primarily for the control of temperature or pressure in boilers. Whether used independently or as part of an entire Siemens combustion control system, RWF5 units optimize temperature or pressure control on modulating burners.

1. RWF50.20A9 – Universal Controller
2. RWF50.30A9 – Universal Controller with analog output
3. RWF55.50A9 – Universal Controller with analog output, Modbus, setpoint changeover, setpoint shifting, outdoor air reset and limit comparator.
4. RWF55.60A9 – Universal Controller with analog output, Modbus, setpoint changeover, setpoint shifting, outdoor air reset and limit comparator. Plus Profibus-DP Interface.

Protocol Converter

Siemens protocol converter

TS… series Protocol Converters provide a flexible communications interface to the building management system (BMS) for streamlined data collection and monitoring. Supports LMV3, LMV5, RWF55, and all TS… Series Lead Lag Master Panels, Touchscreen Kits, Combustion Enclosures, and DA/Surge tank panels.

  • Converts Modbus/RTU to BACnet/IP, BACnet MS/TP, Metasys N2, Modbus TCP/IP or LonWorks
  • Allows simultaneous connection of up to 64 devices via serial connections
  • Allows simultaneous connection up to 12 TS… Series devices via Ethernet Modbus

Touchscreen Kit

Siemens touchscreen kit

TS-… series Touchscreen Kits provide an interface with the Siemens LMV3 or LMV5 linkageless control. Each kit provides burner-boiler data collection and trending for a condensing or steam boiler. Options include:

  • Touchscreen Kit LMV3 LMV5 Boiler Controls
  • 6” or 10” touchscreen
  • Annunciation options for the application
  • Draft control
  • BMS communication

Touchscreen Kits are available as DIN rail kits or mounted in an enclosure. With an enclosure, an AZL display or RWF load or water level control are available as options.

LMV5 Combustion Enclosure

Siemens LMV5

TS-CE… series combustion enclosure with Siemens LMV5 linkageless controller sets the standard for combustion control and monitoring technologies.


The preprogrammed touchscreen and optional PLC annunciation packages provide monitoring, configuration flexibility, and simple connectivity to an SCC Master Lead/Lag panel for any boiler and burner/boiler installation.

The TS-CE… combustion enclosure also provides easy installation.

LMV3 Combustion Enclosure

Siemens LMV3

TS-CE… series combustion enclosure with Siemens LMV3 linkageless
controller sets the new standard for combustion control and monitoring

Master Lead-Lag Panel

Siemens Masterll

TS… Series Master Lead/Lag Panels provide accurate multiple boiler staging and firing rate control, while accurately maintaining the control set point to satisfy load demands. Field configurable for steam or hot water boiler applications, the master panel controls up to eight boilers equipped with TS… Series communication kits, touchscreens or combustion enclosures. Each Master Panel provides a central control system to monitor the operation of boiler room equipment, including deaerators, surge or condensate tanks, feedwater and transfer pumps. Master Panel touchscreens are available with 7.5”, 10” or 12” screens.

DA/Surge/Condensate Panel

Siemens DA Surge Condensate

TS-…Series DA, Surge & Condensate Panels manage lead/lag sequencing and operation of a:

  • Deaerator (DA) tank
  • Surge tank
  • Condensate tank
  • Combination DA/Surge tank
  • Combination DA/Condensate tank
  • Separate DA and Surge tanks

Each panel controls up to six pumps with variable frequency drive or motor starters.